Welcome to Speech Perfect …
Speech Perfect is a speech and language therapy practice founded by Nazmeerah Ismail which is based in Johannesburg- Lenasia.


Speech Perfect provides treatment, support and care for children and adults who have difficulty communicating. We are here to assist with:
Loss or disruption in speech and/or language post stroke or traumatic brain injury:
Aphasia is common post stroke. Aphasia refers to an individual’s inability to locate appropriate words when speaking, to comprehend what others are saying and it may also affect reading and writing. Individuals may also experience a disturbance in word finding, fluency and comprehension after a traumatic brain injury.
Delayed communication development:
This is common in toddlers who display late onset of speech, lack of speech intelligibility, limited vocabulary, reduced sentence length and difficulty expressing their needs.
Speech sound difficulties:
This is also known as articulation errors or phonological processes.
Articulation errors refer to problems pronouncing the correct sounds. As a result certain sounds may be substituted for another sound. For example, substituting the /s/ sound with the /th/ sound.
Phonological processes on the other hand refer to a disorder affecting sound patterns in entirety. For example, eliminating the final sound in all words or producing both the /l/ and the /r/ with incorrect placement.
Receptive and expressive language difficulties:
This is commonly found in school going children and often accounts for academic difficulties. Signs of receptive language difficulties include difficulty comprehending concepts, instructions and directions. Signs of expressive language difficulties may be evident in limited vocabulary, distorted or shortened sentences and overall challenges in expressing one’s needs.
Stuttering refers to the distortion of speech sounds. This results in the primary behaviours of repetition of speech, prolongations and blocks. Stuttering can begin in childhood and last throughout adulthood should intervention not take place. Speech Perfect is passionate about overcoming stuttering and strives at utmost best to achieve stutter free speech
Literacy difficulties:
Difficulties with reading and writing may hinder academic achievement and overall quality of functioning both socially and academically. Speech therapists play a vital role in promoting literary success by early identification, intervention and frequent collaboration with educators.
Speech and language difficulties as a result of a genetic condition or disability
Speech Perfect services are tailored to assist individuals with communicating, participating and improving functioning. These services extend to and are not limited to individuals experiencing:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Downs Syndrome
  • ADHD
  • Intellectual disability